Preliminary Planning

Most homeowners have no idea what the 3 key components needed to start any project are but don’t worry! We’re going to let you in on the secret. Preliminary planning is a very important step in any project and we’re here to let you know the ins and outs of the process.

Preliminary Planning:

There are 3 key components that are required before starting any project; Drawings, a Material Specification Package and a detailed Scope Of Work.

  • Drawings: A set of existing and proposed construction drawings are required to ensure that the contractor can efficiently understand what the project entails and what it is that you are looking to have completed. This allows them to price things accurately as well as it is required to obtain a building permit. Elevation drawings are required to accurately price out millwork and help visualize what the finished product will look like so that everyone has the same understanding. Make sure that any conversations are well documented and best case scenario, if there are any changes, get them changed on the drawings and have a conversation with your contractor so everyone is on the same page.
    • For example: If there are no skylights on the set of drawings but someone is told before the contractor starts that there are going to be skylights, the information might not make it to all parties such as the project manager, roofer, window company, painter, exterior finisher etc. If these items are on the drawings, the there is no excuses for items to be missed or have any information be lost in translation.
  • Material Specification Package: A completed Material Specification Package is an absolute integral part of the Preliminary Planning process and contributes a massive amount to saving time, headache and not adding additional costs. It is essentially a list of finishes that you are looking to have installed in your home. Things like tile, plumbing finishes, lighting finishes, appliances, fireplaces, flooring, countertops, window and door styles, wall paper, stereo equipment and paint colours are all disclosed in this package before the project starts. If finishes are not selected prior to work starting, this can certainly affect timeline and have delays on the schedule if products are not available when required. If for whatever reason, products are not available because they are ordered late, a substitute selection might be made but additional work may be required to accommodate this new selection and ultimately cause delays and potential cost increases.
  • Scope of Work: It is important that there is a detailed scope of work that is put together and reviewed by both the contractor and yourself in order to ensure that both parties have the same understanding about what is involved in the project. A project will only start when a full scope of work is reviewed and agreed upon by all parties. This is a point by point detailed list of exactly what is happening throughout the project.

Stay tuned next week for the Site Preparation process of the renovation.

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