Architectural Aluminum Nova Scotia

Aluminum is the second most applicable metal in construction after steel because it has many versatile applications. It grew in popularity in the 20th century and is now a popular functional and decorative material. Now, aluminum is more common because it is lighter but just as solid and stiff as other metals, making it a staple in skyscrapers and complex architectural ornaments. Modern architecture uses aluminum in many different techniques and features like entrances, windows, ornamental trims, and paneling, among many more.

How we create architectural aluminum in Nova Scotia

We have established that it makes sense to invest in expanded metal mesh and fabricated aluminum in construction, but how exactly do we produce the aluminum? Aluminum fabrication is shaping aluminum into a finished product using processes like drawing, forming, and extrusions. Creating fabricated depends on the application and the properties we want to achieve in the end.

Reasons MGM Automated Doors uses architectural aluminum


Doors and metals with this material last longer than if we use other materials. Aluminum does not suffer issues like rust and rot, as is common in beachside buildings. The increased durability means the structure will maintain a healthy color for years and retain more value for the property.

A variety of styles

Aluminum will always meet standards when you want a high-quality frame with different designs and colors. It is a cut above the rest because of its ability to fit into different custom shapes and retain different colors and designs. It also complements other metals naturally, which means you can mix gold, silver or architectural glass in Nova Scotia into making a doorframe and use aluminum frames to hold the entire structure in place.


Aluminum is the more affordable option when you want frames for all the doors and windows in the home. It has optimal strength to ensure security and will save you lots of money compared to alternatives like steel. The best part is that aluminum does not compromise on quality; hence the frames will be as effective and durable as the steel alternative.

Fast installation

Hollow aluminum is a lot cheaper than easier to work with than most other options. Architectural aluminum makes the best addition to tall buildings because it means you can hold up the hollow structure for longer without worrying about security or durability. This case means you have more peace when putting up a high-rise building without disruptions like the need to fix a tilted or high-risk situation.

Environmental friendliness

Aluminum doors and windows are efficient for their structural quality and energy efficiency. These doors will not degrade naturally in a land mine, but they will be easier to recycle and reuse because of their durability and earth-friendly standards. The same holds for commercial and residential properties, whereby you can deconstruct a family home or an industrial plant and recycle the aluminum in another building.

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Architectural Aluminum Nova Scotia

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Architectural Aluminum Nova Scotia

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