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New Vision Projects Inc

We are a truly proud and passionate home renovations company that will see the project through from slab to ceiling and beyond. New Vision Projects Inc. strives to produce unique home renovations, with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, serving the Ladner, Tsawwassen, and Delta Areas.

If you’re looking for high quality home renovations that will look great and increase the value of your home, we will make sure your every need is met. Read more…




New Vision Projects offers professional home renovations in the Delta area for homeowners looking for options in remodels. Their passionate and dedicated team provides their clients with the best products and services possible for their delta renovations, allowing you to stay on schedule- and on budget.

What kind of home renovation do you have in mind? Whether interior or exterior home renovation to your Delta home, single room, full house, additions or a new construction, New Vision Projects excels at all. More and more homeowners are discovering the financial benefits of a home renovation versus a new build; and the benefits go far beyond saving money:


  • Most likely the greatest advantage of a home renovation is that you can greatly increase the value of your home. Upgrading and renovating what is almost certainly your largest investment is a profitable decision that will pay real dividends through the years, especially if you should decide to sell. New Vision Projects can help you look at a home renovation through a future buyer’s eyes.
  • A bathroom remodel has the ability to create comfort and safety for aging homeowners, allowing them to stay at home independently and safely. Depending on the level of upgrade you’re willing to undergo, you can create an oasis through improved lighting, easier tub and shower access and updated finishes that will go far in adding real value to your home that a buyer will see instantly.
  • Homeowners love outdoor living spaces that allow them to enjoy their backyards like never before. If you love to entertain, consider a deck, patio or even an outdoor kitchen that will make it enjoyable to cook outside and spend time with friends and family. Adding outdoor space onto your home creates the illusion of a larger living space. New Vision Projects will be happy to let you know what your options are when it comes to exterior home renovations in the Delta area.
  • Renovations often involve using low maintenance products which make homeownership less time consuming and more cost-efficient over the years. As well, these products improve the curb appeal of homes and raise their value in the market.
  • Added storage space in a home can declutter and make your existing spaces that much more enjoyable to live in. Few homeowners consider the value of simply providing more storage for items that are not used day in and day out. Through better organization, time saved often equates to money saved and there’s nothing quite like being able to find things when you want them.
  • If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you’ll sell your home faster and at a higher price after a renovation.


Contact an expert from New Vision Projects by calling 604-690-1694 for home renovations throughout Delta and beyond. Speaking with a specialist can help you gain valuable insight into your remodel and can help put you on the right path as far as what type of projects will add value to your home and improve livability.

Kitchen Renovations

It is amazing how much you can do with a kitchen renovation. No matter if you have a big space or small space, we’ve dealt with it all and the result is always the same. The designers we work with are some of the most creative people around and our tradesman always provide the highest quality workmanship, allowing us to provide an outstanding finished product.
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Bathroom Renovations

If you’re looking for a bathroom renovation company who can remodel your bathroom on time and on budget, helping you achieve the look you want in your bathroom while improving the value of your home, New Vision Projects is here to help.
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Home Additions

New Vision Projects Inc. makes it easy. As your General Contractor, we deal with everyone involved and work together to make the construction process smooth and streamlined. We take pride in planning, designing, and building the most comfortable and functional spaces. Additions create much needed square footage and can greatly appreciate the value of a home. If you are looking for more space, for whatever the reason might be, get in touch with New Vision Projects Inc. and get it built!
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Are you weighing out the pros and cons of adding on versus moving? If you need more space, a home addition is the most affordable and convenient way to add space to the place where you already love to live.

For professional home additions in Delta, call New Vision Projects. They work with architects, engineers, designers and other professionals to ensure you get the results you have in mind at an affordable price. You may not have considered everything that must be incorporated into the building of an addition on to your home, including permits, by-laws, septic issues, site setbacks and many other details that surface along the way. Let the pros make it easy for you to expand beyond your current square footage.

As your general contractor, New Vision Projects will work with everyone involved in the process of adding on to ensure that the process is streamlined. Their experts take a lot of pride in planning, designing and building the most comfortable and functional spaces possible for their clients. No other home additions contractor in Delta can offer what they can!

Consider a few of the benefits associated with a home addition project that will make you a believer- it’s the most affordable and convenient way to have the function and comfort you’re looking for:


  • Moving to a bigger home may not be the answer you’ve been seeking. The expense and inconvenience of moving is often more than anticipated while the results can prove less than desired. Once you take a few moments to look closely at the situation, it becomes rather obvious that adding on, regardless of what type of home addition you have in mind, will always be the more affordable option.
  • Home additions throughout Delta are almost always about more space. If your family is growing, the first thing that should be considered is whether or not the outdoor space is ample enough to provide for an addition. Homeowners tend to forget that they own their outdoor space as well as their indoor space. An addition can be an affordable way to take advantage of a big yard that is underutilized.
  • Home additions add value to your Delta home by increasing the square footage and improving on the function of the home. Home buyers first look at the square footage of a home before they begin the process of narrowing down their results by amenities that are included in the home. A larger floor plan will make a big difference in the price of your home and in the amount of time it takes to sell, should you decide later on to sell your home.


If you’d like a free quote for a home addition, visit contact us and fill out our form to receive a quick quote. One of our specialists will be happy to discuss your needs with you and determine what will work best to meet your goals. Feel free to call New Vision Projects at 604-690-1694 with any questions.


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high quality home renovations that will look great and increase the value of your home